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3 Of The Top Parenting Tips For Moms

Being a mom is hard. No doubt about it. As ABC childcare and preschool academy reports, suddenly, you are faced with a massive responsibility and expected to rock this completely new world with no experience,  the stress can be overwhelming. Following are the top parenting tips for moms who are overwhelmed with their new responsibility.

1) Spend Time With Your Kids

Many new mothers feel that they have to be on top of everything all the time to be a ‘good mom’ – dishes always done, the house always spotless, baby looking like a model, cookies in the oven & meals fit for a king. While that would be awesome, spending time with your kids is a far more important part of being a good mother.

Take a break from the laundry to read them a book, play a game, or watch Dora. Trust me, it won’t matter if the kitchen was spotless in a few years, but, the time you spend enjoying your kids will leave a lasting impression on them forever.

2) Relax!

Another one of the top parenting tips for moms is to give your child the time they need to reach milestones. If your baby just isn’t ‘getting’ the whole potty training concept, take a break, and revisit it later. When they are ready, they’ll get it, and quick! Don’t rush the process.

3) Choose Your Battles

Another one of the top parenting tips for moms is know what battles you can win and which ones to walk away from. Contrary to popular parenting isn’t synonymous with control, think of it like guiding.

If little Johnny doesn’t want to eat that tofu, the fact is, he won’t. You as a parent need to ask yourself is eating food you don’t like an important life skill? If not, move on and save your battle for something more crucial.

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Tips for Parent on How to Effectively Potty Train Toddlers

There are many potty training programs and methods out there. Unfortunately, only few of them are really effective. Therefore, it’s highly advised to follow strictly proven potty training programs. You can read some of our articles written specifically about this topic. Also, we recommend to visit the following websites as the methods given on these sites are supported by hundreds of parents who already tried this program: and