Effective Potty Training Methods That Work

kid on the pottyThere are several ways that you can potty train a young child. Searching on the Internet, you can literally find hundreds of different tips that you can use. Some of them are effective, yet you never know which ones will actually work until you try them out.

Depending upon the age of your toddler, and their overall disposition, locating potty training methods that work is sometimes hard to do. In this article, we will share a couple effective potty training methods that you can use starting today.

If you are trying to work with an infant that needs to be potty trained, there are several effective potty training methods that are used everyday. If they are younger, around the age of two years old, it will be necessary to take them to the bathroom and show them what to do, creating a repetitive routine that they can remember.

This will include recognizing how they feel when they need to go. You also need to take them to the bathroom and help them each step of the way with verbal and physical coaching. You have to remember that these children are learning a brand-new routine, and the more reinforcement that you provide early on, the quicker they will be trained.

Children that are older, that already have an established routine, may need extra coaching. In most cases, verbal assistance is all that is necessary. You may have to ask them multiple times each day if they have to go. You will have to direct them to the bathroom, even if they are fighting you the entire way.

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Make sure that they are in close proximity to the bathroom, have training pants on, and always be consistent. It is the consistency that you provide that will inevitably allow them to do this themselves without physical or social cues. One thing that works very well is having a chart. You can work with your child directly, showing them their progress. You can reward them with stars or other tokens thus reinforcing the good behavior.

Giving them exceptional amounts of praise each and every time that they use the toilet is going to accelerate the process even more eerie effective potty training methods always involve a rewards-based system that is consistent. By establishing this routine early on, and constantly reinforcing what needs to be done, any effective potty training method can be used with any child to help them learn this skill.