Weighing the Benefits of Sending your Child to a Montessori Preschool in Houston TX

What a Child could Reap from Montessori

Parents may be overwhelmed with the excitement to know that their children are ready to attend school. The number of preschools or kindergarten around Houston will not make it hard for parents to decide where to enroll their kids because of the facilities including  a strollers for kids. On the other hand, parents should be familiar of the different programs and curriculum being offered and observed by these preschools.

preschoolOne of the popular learning programs in preschools is Montessori. As a parent, equip yourself with the information about sending your child to a Montessori preschool in Houston, TX. Why not weigh first the differences of enrolling your child to a Montessori in contrast to public school kindergarten.

Montessori preschools and public kindergartens have similar general goal: to provide new learning discoveries for the children. However, there is still a sharp line that differ a Montessori from a traditional kindergarten. They differ on the kind of methods and approaches the school provide in accomplishing their goals.

Educators from Montessori preschools believe that these differences are necessary. Through these distinctions, the child’s working habits, discoveries, and interactions with other people and the events around them in the future are molded.

In a traditional kindergarten setting, educators emphasize on the social development of the students. However, in Montessori preschools, students’ cognitive and social skills are developed. Furthermore, the teacher-student ratio in Montessori preschools is about 1 to 10. Unlike in traditional kindergartens, the teacher-student ratio is about 1 to 25. Which environment do you think would give a better attention to your child?

To further give you an idea about the environment of a Montessori preschool in Houston, TX, you could try visiting one. On the next day, check out a public school kindergarten that observes a traditional teaching approach to kindergarten students. You will notice that in Montessori schools, the students are mixed inside the classroom regardless of their age. However, in public kindergartens, the students are grouped according to their age.

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